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Procrastination: What, Why and How to Beat It

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Procrastination is an acquired habit, not a trait with which we are born, but what we all know is that it can have devastating effects in terms of our health, career opportunities and even our personal relationships.

According to Joseph Ferrari, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at De Paul University in Chicago, procrastination is a mix of rebelliousness in response to an authoritarian and controlling parenting style and a form of self-sabotage due to fear of failure, fear of success and the burden of responsibility.

Thus, he distinguishes three types of procrastination:

– Thrill-seeking: Waiting to the last minute for the euphoric rush.

– Avoidant: Due to fear of failure or fear of success.

– Decisional: Not making a decision absolves us of responsibility for the outcome of events.

From these valuable insights we can all determine that the very first and most important step to breaking our own procrastination tendencies would be to seek their roots within, by focusing on the particular feelings that triggered them. Once we have identified the roots, we attack them without mercy with what I find works like kryptonite against the above procrastination types:

– I am the master of my life and this is what I choose for myself.

– I am as capable as anybody else and as deserving as everybody else.

– With power comes responsibility. When I renounce responsibility, I renounce my own inner power, too; I will NOT give it up. Everybody makes mistakes. I will learn and I will grow.

Armed with your own brand of kryptonite, here’s an infographic with 15 practical ways to use it on a daily basis, Batman / WonderWoman:


– Infographic by ESSAY.EXPERT – Source: >