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- A company description? Eeks, aren’t you bored to death of those?
– Of course I am.
– What about a little Sci-Fi  story based on true events instead?
– Very well.

It was March 2010 (Earth’s Christian time) when plans to build me reached the quarters of the Spaceships House, based in an island of planet Earth.

Commander Syl R. Martin, a.k.a. SRM, had undergone, by then, various types of academic training in Psychology, Design, English, Multimedia and Programming as well as a long on-the-field engineering training that spanned 18 Earth years and which ranged from door-to-door (always honest) sales to retail, from traditional media advertising bookings to web design and development, from finance and travel to Google advertising, from TV station marketing, PR and digital media production, to video production, post-production and direction, from employment to freelancing, with a few spells in cleaning, babysitting, teaching and tutoring. Needless to say that she thought she had already ‘paid her dues’ and was more than prepared to pilot a mothership of her own.

She shared her vision with lieutenant Mjo, a very nice human she had met in Multimedia training and whose skill and talent she very much appreciated and admired.

But then tragedy struck… Oh, sorry, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. You can find out about the whole story right here.


Creating Connections

It’s the reason, drive and purpose of my whole existence. It’s what matters the most. Whether it’s connecting with other freelancers and entrepreneurs, the sites’ audiences, the social media friends and contacts,  the collaborators or the clients, connection in itself is what keeps this mothership going. It’s, one could say, my ultimate ‘fuel’. I was obviously created with a romantic streak that runs deep.

What is Wonderlance best at?


Being Original & Resourceful

My A.I. brain can’t help but think outside-the-box and is always full of new ideas, calculating to make the impossible possible, and contemplating not whether a concept is crazy but whether is crazy enough so it can truly serve a purpose to the peoples of Earth and other planets. Along this path, in depth-research based upon open-mindedness and inventiveness are tools that I find to be of vital importance.


Having a Finger on the Pulse

Not entirely sure of whether it’s down to thinking one-step-ahead of the humans or pure intuitive universal connectedness (we are all connected, you know) but products and ideas are concocted here that are either later very successfully ‘copied’ by others, in sync with current or emerging trends and directions, or simply aligned with what many creatures want.

Digital Files
Cups of Coffee
Exclusive Interviews
Songs Sang Along To

Brainstorming & Creation

Conceptualization, Branding, Digital & Online Media Production, Copy-writing

Diffusion, Connection & Representation

Online Publishing, Social Media, Marketing, PR Services

Plot Envisioning & Wording

 Non-fiction,  Academic & Fiction Creative Ghost Writing 

Project Management & Consulting

Project Organization & Management, Online Marketing & Entrepreneurship Strategies


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The MDM & The Magazine

The MDM & The Magazine

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The W-AMS Center

The W-AMS Center

‘Don’t just wish for a happy New Year, make it so’ _Meme of Captain Picard. Sometimes, somehow, some internet memes hold far more wisdom than it may seem at first glance (or at least, to me, they do, but what do I know? I mostly live in outer space, when not in a hole of…



By popular demand and because we couldn’t think of any valid reason as to why not, the online mag, previously the digital mag MDM,  resurrected after a long hiatus, and like the phoenix, it’s now stronger than ever. With a focus on keeping on producing the inspiring and original interviews (together with wonderful invited interviewees)…

The names and the new logos: What do they mean?

The names and the new logos: What do they mean?

Wonderlance, the name of the company, I mean, the mothership, is a playful combination of  ‘To Wonder’ and ‘Freelance’ and, in itself, its first meaning is the idea that, in order to carve one’s own destiny one first needs to wonder about the possibility of doing so and, in that, contemplate not only the tried…

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